Garage Shelving Cape May

Smaller garages deserve a seriously, thought-out storage system, and it all starts out with a plan. If you’re looking for the best garage shelving Cape May can offer, I think you’ll be pleased with this installation.

Every garage is different, and according to this one featured below, we had to get creative. Smaller garages require thinking outside the box, especially if you have a lot of storage…and a vehicle. In order to obtain the garage shelving Cape May residents rave about, you’ll have to give us a call and we’ll step in a give you a free estimate.

In this particular job, we were able to install 2 rows of Monkey Bars garage shelving (the strongest on the market), and a few racks to fill in the blank space. Not only did the upper shelving allow for long-term storage to hide away on top, but it allows the customer to hang their bicycles and get them out of the way.

garage shelving cape maygarage shelving cape may

The lower set of Monkey Bars were perfect for the space. They almost act like a counter top and make it easy to access storage. It makes it even easier for the kids to access their things as well. We loved the windows in the garage, as they allow for natural sunlight to come in and help you see what you’re doing. This finished garage is the perfect example of customizing a garage. The shelving resulted in a space unlike anything else and we were thrilled with the outcome.

If you’re looking for customized garage storage in Cape May, you’ve come to the right place. Garage Concepts of New Jersey will get you set up with a free estimate and get you started on tackling that garage.