Garage Flooring Medford

We all know what it’s like to have a cement floor that cracks and looks unsightly in the garage. While there are countless DIY kits that you can buy to fill in those cracks, it’s hard to find the time and motivation to do it. That’s why we excitedly offer you the best garage flooring Medford can offer. If you’ve looked into garage flooring, then you’ve probably become somewhat educated on epoxy flooring. Ours in particular is the most durable of versions, not only because of the materials it’s composed of, but because of our process.

Expert Installation:
We’re professionally trained to provide you with the most durable garage flooring in Medford. That means we’re equipped with a three step process that is sure to make your garage floor last. First, we will buff and grind away any inconsistencies on your cement floor. This makes the garage floor adhesive for the coating.

Long Lasting:
Unlike other DIY kits, our epoxy flooring is built to last. You won’t need to worry about any deteriorating, peeling, or cracking. Our flooring is the highest of quality, ensuring the fact that it’ll last you decades. If you’re worried about the color fading, know that our epoxy is UV resistant and your color will last.

Cherry On Top:
While garage shelves will create space for your garage, garage flooring in Medford will professionally finish off the space. It’s the perfect finish for your garage storage system. As you can see in the garage below, the customer had cabinets in place to fashionably keep their storage away. We then went in and installed the epoxy, leaving the space look put together, seamless, and modern. It truly was the perfect finish to an organized garage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the customer kept their garage doors open to show off their new space!

garage flooring medford